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In the Church of All Worlds, coffee is considered a sacrament from the Element of Water. From the Handbook, Third Edition, page 27:

"The 'Javacrucian Mysteries' are enacted every morning in countless Pagan households and all Pagan events: facing the rising Sun and holding the Mug of Brewe, the celebrant takes a first sip, then elevates the cup and intones, 'Gods, I needed that!' And means it. Then begins the daily recapitulation of ontogeny...

"Sects of the Javacrucian Tradition vary mainly around additives to the Basic Brewe:

*The Left Out Path
*The Path of Delectable Darkness
*The Milky Way
*The Path of Sweetness and Light

"Associated cults include Teasophists, Rastacolians, Mateyanists, and Chocolytes."

CAW members and interested folks are welcome here to network, share rituals, engage in thea/ological discussion, discuss CAW history, etc. The idea is to give LJers a similar forum to the CAWfeehouse Yahoo! group without their having to deal with an email list, although list members are welcome here too if you have a LiveJournal. For now, membership is open. Never thirst!