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Just thought I'd drop a note in the mix and let folks know that I'm now on LJ (yeah, I know, FINALLY) and I'm here.

Give me a break! Time's at a premium. But I found this community first thing, so I wanted to say hi.

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MM Cat! I just started doing a LJ about a month ago. The way I am, I don't know how faithful I will be in updating it in the future. But at least for now it is a nice way to get connected to people I haven't seen f2f in a while. (and, of course with those few I will see on Friday eve at Triple Spiral's CAWfee hour -- Urth being the primary person I have in mind).
Mary S.
Thanks, Magenta...

Yeah, I've only been here a few days... so I'm more of a newbie than you are ;-) But it does seem to be a good way to catch up with friends. I'm looking forward to it.

It's not as nice as f-2-f, but since I'm currently without vehicle and money is at a premium, it's gonna be a while before I can get around to seeing folks f-2-f unless they come to me.

Of course, if anyone wants to come visit Sunny San Diego, I'm happy to play hostess ;-)

Greetings Milady!

Good to hear from ya! I look forward to reading your posts.

James Assad
Thanks! gee! a picture!

It's nice getting to see what some of the folks I've been talking to for decades look like!

Darn it's been a long time...I miss the NotPpn days, before the major crises, drama, bankruptcies, et-freakin'-cetera got bad.

My direct CAW involvement has been zero for years now--I haven't even paid my dues in Ghu knows how long, there's no nest nearby, and damned if I have time to try to start one.

To think how excited I was once to go inward to 3rd circle, and that I was thinking about starting towards scionization.

o.k., I don't get "NotPpn"? probably just spacing.

I'm hoping that eventually CAW will pull through, especially since, for me, it's the only "game in town", or at least the only organization which has the mission and purpose that I'm looking for. It's sort of a "ain't no place around this place like this place, so this must be the place" thing. that's been threatening to change for a long time now, but you know me... tenaciously faithful and hopeful to a fault.

I miss you and your ability to bring things up, My Brother.

Thou Art God,
;) Nest of the Phoenix proto-nest--or am I mixing nests?

There are some other wonderful organizations--but they are local in scope. I've had some great experiences at Four Quarters Farm, for example.

Well, please pass on my warm greetings to anyone who still remembers...I still remember fondly meeting Oberon and MG and some of the rest of the gang whose names now escape me at WorldCon '93 in San Francisco...*'s visit to D.C. was another high point...

I'm still bringing things up, that's for sure! Bringing up a munchkin, too-- ... think of it as the obligatory daddy's wallet full o' pictures for me to hand over to you, except it's on the web. * grin *
Welcome to LJ, and to cawfeehouse!