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I have been delaying and delaying posting this, even though I’ve had several people tell me I should. I’m like that. I like to help, and I hate to ask for help. It’s just the way I was raised. And I’ve delayed long enough that it may be a moot point, but, again… it has been impressed upon me that I wouldn’t think it was wrong for anyone else to ask, and that it’s wrong for me to not turn to my community in time of need, so I’m doing so.

I need help folks. I’ve been struggling along financially for several years now, and things have gotten progressively more dire over the last few months. My family has been helping out as much as they are able (most of them are in pretty dim positions as well), and my Mom has done her best to keep me afloat. The unemployment ran out the end of last month, and I’ve been avidly job hunting and interviewing, but haven’t been getting 2nd interviews or job offers. For the first time this month I have been unable to pay the rent and have no income with which to commit to when I can pay this months or next months rent. I have a couple of hundred dollars put away from a freelance job I lucked into and I have food in the pantry & fridge, and the utilities are being put on Mom’s credit cards (which are almost maxed out – but for now that’s covered), but if I don’t find a) some emergency funds quickly and b) find some steady employment which will pay my bills, *ASAP*, then I’m being threatened with a 3 day notice to “quit or pay rent” by my landlord – and of course I don’t’ have the funds to move out or store my stuff, nor anywhere to move to (or the funds to secure someplace to move to.) I’m supposed to give my manager an update tomorrow, and am still hoping to hear back from one of the jobs I interviewed for last week… but at this point I have nothing more to tell him than I did at the beginning of the month. So I have a looming deadline, and no where to go.

So, what I need is this:
a) Emergency funds to allow me to either pay the rent, or get my stuff moved into storage and to get into a residential hotel. If you are in the position to help, I do have a PayPal account, and I’ve included a PayPal button below (assuming it comes through. If not, it’s up at the bottom of my LiveJournal page here:
b) Along those lines, if I’ve ever “loaned” you money and forgotten about it, or if I’ve helped you in the past and you’re in the position to chip in, now would be the time. I *know* lots of us are in similar positions, so don’t worry if you can’t, but I’d be grateful if you can.
c) Any referrals for freelance DTP, writing, administrative, customer service type work you can send my way. I can’t relocate, but anything you can recommend that I can do remotely will help. If you would like a copy of a resume and skills list, just e-mail me.
d) Energy… If you know me well enough to send me energy toward obtaining stable, *permanent* employment, preferably in line with our common values, that would be gratefully received. If it was also logistically easy (close to home, easy commute or able to telecommute, good hours, etc.), fun, casual dress and something I can actually contribute to, those would be bonuses ;-) But I’ll take whatever I can do competently.

I really appreciate any and all community support, in whatever form it takes. Right now I’m having a real conflict in divvying up my time between trying to finish up as much CAW stuff as possible in case I do end up having to move out (and loose my high speed internet connection in the process), getting packed up (as my physical limitations will permit) and trying to continue my job search (as well as trying to spend a little time on the commission only freelance “scheduler” type job I have so that I have the potential to make a commission), so any and all support, financial, moral and energetic are *all* deeply appreciated.

Never Thirst,

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