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The New Reformed CAWfeehouse is Now Open for Business!

The CAWfeehouse list has now become the New, Reformed CAWfeehouse. (I'm moderator of the list now but not moderator of this community, so this community won't change. As far as I know it's unmoderated.) Due to the recent upheaval in CAW and the fact that the CAW servers are down so all of the CAW lists are now "owned" by the BoD, members who are disillusioned by recent happenings have felt that they had nowhere to go to network with CAW folks in a safe place and maintain their connections without being caught up in all the negativity. I'm hoping that these changes will re-establish that safe space for networking and socialization for CAW members, *ex-CAW* members and friends.

So what's new about it? Well, not a lot, but here's what's different.

  • We're now an adults only group. The members wanted to be able to discuss things of an adult nature freely, so we've moved to the "Adults Only" section of Yahoogroups.

  • We're still not a nest, but I've instituted several policies concerning courtesy and respect as well as a very lenient "minimum participation" requirement which I hope will create a safer, more intimate environment.

  • I've reiterated that, while I won't unsub folks for personal reasons or personality conflicts, I *do* expect everyone to treat *everyone* with courtesy and respect, and that this includes me and people that you disagree with.

  • I've included a focus in the etiquette guidelines on the CAW Principles and the Membership Pledge

  • I've re-emphasized the ban on "CAW politics" on the list

While I changed the name of the list on the Home page, the list addresses and tags all remain the same, so if you've been away for a while and you'd like a safe, coffeehouse type space to interact with old friends and nestmates again, in an environment where you know that a concerted attempt to avoid the negativism of all the political infighting is being made, you're welcome to join us at:

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